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Understanding Outdoor Branding and Why you Should Choose it for your Business

Among all the various types of advertising that you can consider for your business, one particular type is bound to come up time and again, which is outdoor branding. Why should you use outdoor branding? Is it really a viable form of marketing for your business? Yes, it is, and we will tell you why. Outdoor branding comes with a wealth of benefits, some of which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • The advertising message and brand is not overpowered by editorials, programming, or photographs and images.
  • It can be targeted to reach specific audiences per neighbourhood.

That is enough to sell most people on the concept of outdoor branding, but if you are wary because you have never participated in the outdoor advertising market, that is okay. There is a lot more to learn about outdoor branding that will make you immediately look for the best advertising team to get you set up.

What exactly is outdoor advertising? How limited will your business be if it opts for this type of advertising? Outdoor branding comes in many shapes and forms. It includes more than just billboards, as many people mistakenly believe. In fact, it includes a myriad of advertising mediums, such as posters, banners, flags, bus stop signs, vehicle decals, mall posters, signs at stadiums, bench adverts, and much more.

One of the top tips that we can share with our clients is that they should keep their outdoor branding simple, clear, and easy to read. The moment you clutter an outdoor advert, you lose the customer. Keep in mind that most consumers will be driving past and won’t have much time to read anything too lengthy, or make sense of a space that’s too cluttered. Keep it simple, interesting (quirky even), and to the point. That’s the type of outdoor branding that really works. You really only have a couple of seconds to make an impression on your target audience.

One of the major advantages of outdoor branding, is the low cost associated with it. Advertising of this kind is a lot more affordable, and the target audience is mostly unlimited. Unlike television- and online advertising, there is no limit to the amount of views, or how many people have the opportunity to encounter it. When you consider the massive exposure that outdoor branding earns a business, when compared to newspapers, television, and radio advertising, you will realise just how valuable this type of branding can be to a growing business.

The audience, viewing outdoor advertising, does not have many options. In most instances, the viewer is looking for something to read while waiting in traffic, or on the freeway, which makes moving to outdoor branding options so rewarding. Your audience is now a captive one, probably happy to have some media to admire and read. Imagine your brand on a bus, making its way around the city, passing thousands of people on a daily basis. The advertising potential is massive.

Not everyone can get outdoor branding right. Some are highly effective, while others simply fail. What makes one piece of outdoor branding more effective than another? The key is creativity. An eye-catching advert that provides a bit of clever wit, will be remembered more than a boring billboard that just states a company name and contact details. If you want your outdoor branding to have an impact, make sure that it is compelling, interesting, creative, and memorable. Make it so appealing that the viewer might even want to snap a picture of it to share with friends and colleagues.

For many, it is the task of creating outdoor branding that becomes daunting. Nobody wants to spend thousands of Rands on a dud advert, which is where the professionals come in. At BrandUnlimited, we are experts in creating eye-catching, thought-provoking outdoor branding. Not only will our adverts grab the attention of your target audience, but they will also compel them to take the next step, by connecting with you on social media, contacting you directly, or purchasing a product. After all, that is what we want we aim to do with outdoor branding.

When it comes to providing design and creative assistance for outdoor branding, we consider ourselves a specialist team. Right from the onset, we have only been using top creatives in each field. We can create corporate identities, design and create campaigns that are highly effective, and also create a myriad of other creative strategies to boost your brand, and create awareness in your chosen market.

If you would like to learn more about outdoor branding, and want professional assistance that will not break the bank, you have come to the right place. Give us a call or send us an email so that the BrandUnlimited team can help you grow your brand!