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Using Promotional Gifts for Effective Brand Activation

Promotional gifts or corporate gifts can be used quite effectively as a company’s brand activation. While these gifts are primarily used as a “thank you” to customers and suppliers, they are also used as a convenient way to expose potential consumers to the product range and give them a first-hand experience of what the brand has to offer.

Engaging with consumers is an essential part of any brand activation effort and what better way to do that than with promotional gifts that can be used on a daily basis for many months to come? Quality, low-cost, and useful products can effectively keep consumers engaged with your brand and thinking about your products for months, and this is a strategy that has been proven. What is considered a daily-use promotional gift that will be seen as “quality”? Think calendars, pens, water bottles, lip balms, and so on. But isn’t everyone handing out these items to consumers? Won’t it become a little overwhelming for them? That’s the thing, with so many brands opting for the same promotional gifts, the pressure is on for you to think outside of the box and present consumers with promo items that get their attention and which they actually want to use, above all the others that they might have received already. It is also about creating a unique experience that only your brand and company can provide the consumer with.

There is More to Promotional Gifting Than Just Giving Stuff Away

Promotional gifting does not have to be simple freebies that you hand out to the public. Instead, you can use promotional gifts for true brand activation in a variety of ways. For starters, you can offer promotional gifts as an added extra when consumers purchase a certain product or spend a certain amount of money. For those who have not yet tried your products yet, why not use your actual products as promotional gifts. There isn’t a more effective way to activate your brand than to present your target audience with an opportunity to experience your product and engage with your brand. Whether you use mini versions of your items or hand out samples, you will find it a unique way to gift your target audience and leverage real and measurable results at the same time. It’s a win-win!

If you are setting up a space to engage with the public and introduce people to your brand or a new product in your range, you would be far better off providing consumers with the opportunity to try your product(s), tell you what they think and walk away with a few samples, then you would be presenting them with a branded keyring and sending them away. Don’t get us wrong, keyrings can be highly effective promotional marketing tools when used correctly, and in the correct scenario. In fact, stats have shown that branded promotional gifts that are useful have helped consumers to recall a brand name up to 2 years after receiving the gift. Of course, for that to happen, the consumer has to be suitably impressed by the gift and find it truly useful. Don’t worry, there is no need to fork out thousands on iPads or something similarly expensive just to get your consumer’s attention! You don’t have to spend a lot on promotional gifts at all… You just have to choose the right quality items and use them correctly.

At BrandUnlimited, we are often asked to assist companies to acquire and present promotional gifts that work. This takes a bit of forethought and insight into your company, so we strongly recommend consulting with us before you commit to any range of promotional gifts. With our help, you can combine your promotional gifting efforts with a highly effective brand activation campaign and reap the rewards of clever marketing.

When it comes to finding the ideal promotional gifts for your business, help is just a phone call away. At BrandUnlimited, we are passionate about bringing brands to light and look forward to assisting you with your corporate marketing and brand activations in the future. We warmly welcome you to get in touch with us via email or telephone for further discussion and guidance today.