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Reasons to Take the Leap into the World of Outdoor Advertising, Starting with Outdoor Banners

Are you a small to medium business and looking for creative and unique ways to get noticed and grow your brand? Firstly, do you even know how much your brand is worth? Or, more importantly, does your target market know you even exist? When it comes to the success of your business, your brand is everything. Your brand is your biggest selling point, and in today’s economy, your brand needs as much exposure as it can get. Yes, in a volatile economic climate where up to 80% of small businesses fail each year, you should leave no stone unturned.

It is no secret that being a small to medium enterprise in a competitive marketplace is not easy. Your brand will always face competition, and if it is not getting the exposure that it deserves, it has become time to do something about it. So, what is the solution? While there are many ways to market your brand, such as direct marketing, digital marketing, traditional print media marketing, SEO marketing, and fleet branding, there is also outdoor banner marketing. It is one of the oldest and most trusted marketing solutions, but often brushed aside by many businesses. Outdoor banners have been proven to be a major success in any marketing mix and banner advertising has firmly established itself as an effective marketing weapon. Whether your business is big or small, here is why you should market your brand with outdoor banners.

The Silent Salesperson You Never Have to Pay

While outdoor banners offer a host of advantages, one of the biggest advantages is cost. As a powerful marketing weapon that opens the door for small businesses who are trying to compete with large advertisers, outdoor banners are far more affordable than other media like radio and print. In fact, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, outdoor banners are 50% less expensive than radio; the difference compared to newspapers and TV is even greater.

You Get Your Message Out on the Streets

In a market where advertisers are all fighting to be noticed and heard above the din, it is not always easy to let the world know who you are and what you do. Considered to be one of the oldest advertising mediums, outdoor banners can get your message out on the streets and bring in the profits, but only if they are placed in the right environment. While your main objective is to pique the customer’s interest, it is important to recognise that location matters. Whether placing your banners on highways, bus stops, buses, or outside your office or park benches, branded outdoor banners must be used in high-traffic environments if you want to be seen and heard. Because branded banners are all about exposure, you hold the key to catching your target market’s attention. They must be creative, unique, and resonate with your target demographic.

Enhance Your Brand with Brand Unlimited

Established in 2009, Brand Unlimited is a leading brand-activation agency. We design campaigns that ensure brands get seen by their target markets, and we are proud to be a well-established below-the-line activation agency that is leading the way in the field of marketing. Bringing brands to life through interactive experiences, we can customise your weather-resistant outdoor banners, making them effective for any outdoor environment, regardless of their size. Affordable, practical, versatile, and of superior quality, outdoor banners are an excellent way to strengthen brand awareness and remind customers that you exist. Whether you are working the tradeshow circuit or simply trying to get your brand out to your targeted demographic, we can help you say and do it all. As experts in the art of branding, we work with clients across every level to design and define their marketing identity.

If you are thinking about taking the leap into outdoor advertising with outdoor banners, we are the people to talk to. As experts in all things print, we are dedicated to help you achieve your business goals. To learn more about who we are, and how we can build your brand and tell your story, chat to one of our team members today.