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Looking for Brilliant Event Branding Ideas? We Have You Sorted

Do you need to showcase your brand at a big event? There are many avenues you can take to get your name out there, and to leave a lasting impression. Many of those avenues also tend to be rather predictable. There is nothing blander than taking an expected route to event branding. We have found that, as in real life, brilliant branding ideas can quickly become clichés. A cliché becomes a cliché because it is used so much.

While specific event branding ideas may have worked well in the past, they might not be able to deliver the same oomph your brand deserves today, as they have been done to death. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to set your brand apart. You can do this by adopting some fresh and fun event branding ideas that can help you to grow your brand awareness, while at the same time making a powerful statement. Let us take a look at some fun event branding ideas that are both fresh and yes, innovative.

Grow Brand Awareness

One event giveaway idea that keeps on giving is handy branded favours. The key here is to be very strategic in what you provide as favours. It should be something that adds tangible value to your guests’ lives in one way or another. Just consider the difference between a cheap, generic, branded pen that people would be embarrassed to write with in public, and a classy, stylish pen that features subtle branding and that people will not feel awkward about using anywhere.

Edible Branding

The next idea is to create edible – think fondant – branding. Your guests are bound to be intrigued by the fact that they can eat a chunk of icing with your company’s logo on it. They will not soon forget the experience!

Put Your Name up in Lights

This works especially well when you have some space and room to work with. Showcase your logo with an illuminated display. Your brand becomes a light source in the event space, with guests naturally gravitating towards it. This makes it impossible to ignore, and keeps your brand top of mind throughout the event.

Some Creative Ways to Display Your Logo

There are fun and different ways to display your logo at events. If you are looking at some memorable ways to display your logo and leave a lasting impression, consider using the following, amongst many other fun ideas:

  • Customised beverage labels.
  • Wallpaper.
  • Place cards.
  • An illuminated logo.
  • Custom dance floor.
  • Sponsored lounge and break area.
  • Takeaway containers.


We bring decades of combined experience to event branding and activation. As a branding agency that delivers strategic, creative, and innovative brand campaigns, we specialise in helping people connect to brands. Your customers will remember your brand through experiences that bring it to life, which is where we come in.

Strategic, Measurable, and Relevant Branding Solutions

The days of having a great product or service being enough to secure your company’s future success are unfortunately long gone. Today, you need to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, and cut through the noise with a sharp and unyielding branding knife that has a lasting impact on the industry. That is where we shine. Our agency translates your brand strategy into a slick and well-executed campaign that delivers tangible results. We find creative and practical solutions to make your brand live in the minds and hearts of your customers long after the event or campaign comes to an end. Through the years, we have become renowned for our forward-thinking approach to branding, and our quick turnaround times.

We Execute Your Branding Properly

With a history that dates back to the 1990s, we have focussed on point-of-sale materials, but soon added branded goods to our portfolio. Today, we can brand anything from a pen to a building, and just about anything in between. The sky is certainly not our limit, and neither is it yours. Let us help you set your brand apart to the decision makers that consume your products and use your services. You can now compete with your greatest competitors. Speak to us right now to learn how we can help you take your brand to the masses, and walk among the giants of your industry.