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A Few Tips on how to Make Event Branding Work for you

Have you ever heard the saying: “do not sweat the small stuff”? Perhaps everything about that saying is wrong, especially if you are trying to draw attention to your business’ brand, and prove yourself in an already competitive market. The small things are actually vitally important, and often the smaller details or “small stuff” often win a target audience over.

Any event organiser or professional brand activation team will know that hosting an event, or simply being present at one, is going to be a big job. It is all fine and well to simply be there or to host a function, but planning an event that attendees will love, and that speaks volumes about your brand, is all in the details.

Regardless of what type of event you are hosting or attending, below are a few ways in which you can showcase your event branding, and get it right first time around. Of course, all of this is achieved more easily with the help of a professional brand activation team.

  • Be Clear and Concise in Your Marketing Messages. Communicate all the information they need to know about your event, or your attendance, clearly to your existing- and potential future customers. It is easier than you think to leave out a few important details, which could mean fewer attendees, and a poor impact on those who do arrive. Make sure the event name, date, location, time, and contact details are repetitively advertised to your target audience.
  • Give Them What They Want! Appeal to the selfish needs and desires of your customers and potential attendees. No one attends an event, trade show, or similar event unless there is something included that really interests them. Your main aim might be to sell products, but you need to appeal to your audience’s desires. Advertise your event with specials, discounts, competitions, or something that they would really like to get involved in.
  • Immerse Attendees in The True Essence of The Event. Create an immersive experience for your customers, attendees, and participants. Do not just display your products and brands. Encourage people to try them out right there, or incorporate a fun activity where they can realise the full potential and value of your products, while having a good time. This will create memories for attendees, and is one way that you can truly get your brand name stuck in people’s minds.
  • Give Them Something to Look At! Create visuals that wow. All of your branding, from the pamphlets you hand out, to your banners, flags, and even web adverts need to be highly visual. It is a fact that visuals sell, and you need to make sure that your visuals are top-notch. A professional graphic designer will definitely be required.
  • Do Not Bore Your Attendees and Customers. Make the entire event fun. When you are planning a promotional event, make sure that you are creating a function that you would want to attend. The more people actually want to be involved, the more positive the effect will be on your brand and your bottom line. Think about fun activities, guest speakers, competitions, and maybe even social areas, where like-minded individuals can relax, and enjoy a snack and beverage without actually leaving your event.

Let us face it, event branding is an in-depth business. It cannot be done overnight and, in most instances, a little professional advice and guidance can go a long way. There are many aspects to think about. At BrandUnlimited, we are experienced in the art of event branding. We can bring your brand’s personality to life. The true essence of your brand can be realised, if you incorporate your event branding in the correct way.

We welcome you to get in touch with us to discuss your branding needs and requirements. We can handle the establishment and growth of your brand from conception, and we only hire the most qualified, skilled, and experienced creatives to assist with all campaigns.

To learn more about how to make event branding work for your business, take the time to give us a call or send us an email at BrandUnlimited today.