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Event Branding – Short-Term Action for Long-Term Results

Event branding offers businesses and organisations the opportunity to massively amplify awareness. By using experiential design best practices to offer an unforgettable and impactful experience, you will succeed in leaving a lasting impression on your target audience. Through the power of dynamic, distinctive design, businesses can harness the great power of event branding in their operations. But it is only through a cohesive and intelligent approach that your company will benefit from its full effect. Here is how it is done.

It Starts with The Countdown

The success of any event depends on how the countdown is executed. Unfortunately, many companies and organisations neglect this phase during the run-up to the big day. However, taking the time and initiative to plan the preliminary elements, with a focus on cohesive design, is key to ensuring the best possible results on the day of the event. Taking a strategic approach to event branding entails the creation of elements designed solely to build awareness and maximise the hype prior to the event itself. Think carefully about how professional event design could benefit and enhance your tickets, invitations, and even your social media pages, during the proverbial drumroll, so that these will generate as much interest as possible. What it will also do is boost attendance while creating some welcome and needed buzz around the event, weeks or months before the event takes place.

Putting Action to Thought

Bring some design cohesion to your event campaign materials by making use of a single tagline on all the invitations, print media, and online or physical tickets. Cohesion is key to create a sense of recognition. Using one core aesthetic theme throughout the event, like a single unifying symbol or colour scheme, will embellish and adapt this effort as necessary across all the various design elements. Event branding is an ongoing and intensive process that starts at the drawing board, and evolves and develops continuously until the day of the actual event. A sense of cohesion is important to experiential design, as no event has the conceptual or aesthetic impact it should have without harmony among its various parts.

From the initial design stages to the production of event elements, the overarching concept must ring loud and clear across the campaign. Making sure that the unifying idea behind the event is not forgotten along the way helps prevent the core message from becoming diluted or worse, lost. So, whether it is pre-event advertising, or embracing branding, or the experiential design itself, keeping a firm grip on the concept of the event guarantees that it stays connected and cohesive, and will deliver on its promise.

The Attendee Journey

Creating a sense of togetherness throughout your event branding is particularly important where the attendee journey is concerned. Whatever the event’s ultimate aim – be it to increase brand exposure or raise awareness of a specific product – the journey an attendee takes from entrance to exit has to be strategically and subtly designed. With all elements of the event working in synergy, the journey from point A to Z should be seamless. This way, your audience has the most engaging and immersive experience possible. Maintaining a sense of perspective throughout the event branding process will help to guarantee these results. It is by keeping one eye on the big picture and exploring how different elements interact and work to communicate your core message, that you deliver a memorable and meaningful event.

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