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Why and How to Make Your Event Branding Pay Off

When people talk about your event, whether it is a trade show, music event, product launch or perhaps an annual show focussed on a particular product or service, what do they talk about? Of course, they discuss the actual event, but do they even mention the brand? If your company, for instance, sponsors and hosts an annual event, do the visitors only remember the stalls, overall event, or do they also remember the brand that hosted the event?

Event branding should not only capture the essence of the event, but should make your brand memorable too. There should be synergy between the event itself and your brand, and if the event is successful, you can rest assured that it will have an effect as to how people perceive your brand.

Think about it. Your company, for example, offers high-tech and computer equipment. You host an annual computer gaming event and exhibition. What is the event called and is it visible throughout the event that it is called XYZ? How do the visitors connect the event brand with your company’s brand? Creative and forward thinking in the hosting of any type of event can and should advance your company’s brand in subtle and effective ways.

Does Branding Even Make a Difference?

The answer is yes! You work hard at your brand and properly presenting it shapes how the attendees, stakeholders, and sponsors see and experience the brand. The majority of marketers take brand awareness as the main purpose of business-to-business marketing. Factors such as colour affect brand recognition and let us be honest – you want people to recognise your brand immediately. Almost 50% of your company and event image is formed in the minds of people based on what your company states and how it states it.

What to Use

A combination of low- and high-tech event branding helps your company to create the visual memory needed to ensure brand recognition in the minds of visitors to the event. Low-tech can take the form of flags, banners, caps, T-shirts, printed brochures, branded tickets, branded booths, gazebos, posters, inflatables, and more. High-tech includes everything from LED displays to virtual kiosks, LED signs, video images on large screens, computers, light projections, and more.

Giving away free samples or swag provides you with the opportunity to spread the brand message across the country or even world, depending on the type of event that you host. Even if you only have a booth at a trade show and want to ensure that your brand message is remembered, using giveaways is worthwhile event branding. Here too, the secret is innovative thinking when it comes to promotional items.

A branded cupcake will not make it across the country, but will certainly be worth a photo before it is eaten. You will make sure they take your brand message to heart with tasty branded refreshments. Apart from such, add something that can be taken home, like high-tech and unique branded flash drives or chargers… and you have a winner. On the low-tech front, consider giving away a fashionable pen or even a branded pocket umbrella. You give away the candy that makes the visitors pop in and they return the favour by using the item or displaying it where they go.

When it comes to your booth, you can make it stand out and have the logo stick with event branding for napkins, balloons, a backdrop, dancefloor, statement wall and even an illuminated logo. Sharkfin banners are also useful. For the event itself, all the above can be used and you can go further by branding badges or lanyards.

Customised branded water bottles filled with spring water keep your visitors well hydrated, while paper bags, stickers, T-shirts and even notepads can be used to make your event and company brand memorable.

Who to Use

Knowing what to use for event branding, how to combine such for maximum effect and how to create a lasting legacy is what effective event branding is about. And we are here to help. Regardless of what needs to be branded, we can do the job. We can take your brand to the sky for that matter! Event branding is all about innovative thinking, proper planning and making your vision a reality.

If you wish to achieve this – or more – be sure to contact our team at BrandUnlimited today!