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Using Event Banners for Effective Brand Activations

Brand activation is something that we specialise in at BrandUnlimited and this means that we can arrange and manage all the essential components of a modern brand activation, including your event banners and other complementing features and components such as popup displays and other branded items. Event banners, along with a vast variety of other advertising mediums, are essential for a successful brand activation.

Simply paying money for event banners won’t get you very far if you don’t know what’s needed to make your banners truly useful to your brand and campaign. So, to help you a bit, we offer you a brief list of tips on how to use event banners for effective marketing below. Don’t worry, if you don’t have the time and know-how to do this for yourself, we are here to help!

  • Options: Make sure that you have a selection of banner types branded with your logo and details. There are various event banners to choose from, including sharkfin banners, teardrop banners, popup banners, pull-up banners and various forms of flying banners (great for catching the eye when it moves in the wind).
  • Placement: Banners must be strategically placed in areas where they will catch the eye and perhaps provide pertinent information. If you are hosting an event, for instance, you can use these branded banners to give direction. If you are partaking at another event, it should direct consumers to you or provide them with information on specials or similar.
  • Simplicity: Never create event banners that are too cluttered. If you jam-pack your banner with too much information, consumers won’t be able to take it all in. The trick is to have event banners branded with information that can be taken in and registered with a mere glance. If it is eye-catching enough, there will be a double take, so don’t have too little information included either.
  • The Great Outdoors: Make sure that you opt for banners that can be used outdoors. They must, therefore, be durable, able to withstand long-term exposure to the sun and waterproof too. Make sure the components of the banner are also waterproof.

Event banners are quite different from other types of advertising banners as they will be used specifically at an event. They are extremely popular for brand activations as they will typically feature information on a specific product. For brand activations, they are used to draw attention and also provide an introduction to the brand of concept that is being presented.

Event banners can be used at a variety of brand activation events, such as in-store promotions (you have probably seen these where promotional staff set up a stand within the store and invite shoppers to sample a product), experiential marketing (often presented at malls or at events where large crowds are present), and at sports days or festivals where the advertising opportunities are plenty.

Tips for Pulling off a Great Brand Activation

Brand activation is no easy task, even with the use of well-placed, eye-catching event banners. Below are a few tips on how to make it work:

  • Create a unique experience for the consumer: It must be one that fully engages with potential consumers and gives them something to remember. This involves more than just the right design and placement of your event banners.
  • Make sure that your new concept or product is actually compatible with your brand: It is great to have a new idea or concept, but it could come across as weak or lukewarm if it does not fit in with the overall appeal and nature of your existing brand.
  • How you execute your activation is vitally important: If you have a great idea that is difficult to execute, you are probably going to lose support along the way. Make sure that you have a strong concept that is simple to execute. Having to tone down your great idea because execution is difficult will only have a negative impact on your brand.

If you are looking for professional assistance with acquiring, branding, and strategically placing your event banners, or if you need assistance with creating and effectively using event banners at your next brand activation, you have come to the right place. The team at BrandUnlimited are more than willing to assist. For more advice, guidance and professional assistance, contact us today.