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Improving the Success of a Brand Activation Through the Use of Corporate Gifts

Let us be honest: everyone loves a freebie. People love them even more when it is something that actually adds value to their daily lives and that they enjoy using. Recent times have seen more companies tap into corporate gifts as a channel to improve their brand activations, and to draw consumers in from the get-go. Brand activation, when performed properly, allows companies to create an experience for their clients and target market.

There are, however, various levels to brand activation. Some of these levels do not require companies to fork out millions of rands. Corporate gifts are a rather apt example of this. To stay ahead of the curve and maintain customer interest, businesses are continually making announcements, increasing their product range, or reinventing themselves as a brand. No matter what a business does, any visible change or addition to a business needs to be communicated to its existing clientele, as well as to their larger target audience. Thus, there will always be a need for expert brand activation services.


Get Your Marketing and Branding Message Across Subtly

Corporate gifts provide businesses with an opportunity to share with their clients, while being subtle about it. Making one’s presence known without being showy about it provides brands the chance to exercise strong recall and recognition among its public. Depending on the type and execution, corporate gifts also have the potential to carry a brand and its central message further than a business might reasonably have expected. This type of marketing strategy is a smart one for any modern company to use, and encourages the valuable and sometimes elusive word-of-mouth advertising, which, to date, is still the most powerful form of advertising out there. Successfully activating a brand in areas other than its home base is what is needed to open doors of opportunity for any company.

Expert and successful brand activation also builds a company brand. Corporate gifts can vary from something as simple as a stapler or as generous as a laptop bag. However, the trick is to brand the gifts correctly, as this makes all the difference in whether word spreads about your company or not and, ultimately, whether the activation was a success or not.


Activate Your Brand to a Whole New Market with Quality Corporate Gifts from Brand Unlimited

As one of the leading branding and brand activation agencies in South Africa, we deliver strategic, creative, innovative, and well-executed brand campaigns that connect people to the brands they do not know they love yet. Your customers will remember your brand through experiences that bring it to life in measurable and relevant ways. We excel in translating brand strategy into an expertly executed campaign that ticks all the boxes. Our team comes up with practical and creative solutions to make your brand live in the heart and mind of your customer. Since our inception, we have become renowned for our reliability and quick turnaround times, offering excellent value for money to boot.


We Do Corporate Gifts Properly

Since our inception in 1999, we have focussed on point-of-sale materials, and soon added branded goods to our portfolio. Today, we can brand anything from a pen to a building, and everything in between. The sky is certainly not our limit today. Our team has learned how to defy expectations, and continues to raise the bar of excellence in the industry by the day. We have promotional and corporate gift and clothing range catalogues to provide you with all the products and tools needed to pull together a successful product activation. Through our warehousing, logistics, travel, and branding asset maintenance, we can provide our customers with a holistic approach to branding support and management. We are ready to help you take your company to new heights.

Using top creatives in each field right from the start, we help you create a corporate identity and design to create campaign material that sets your brand apart in the market. Let us help you take your company to the next level through our creative and strategic approaches to brand management and activation. Contact us to learn more about our agency, and to find out how we can harness the power of corporate gifts to help your brand carve out a niche for itself in a crowded marketplace.