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Understanding the Difference Between Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts

While promotional items and corporate gifts can both be used as marketing tools, they differ in important ways. Both these methods are used by all types of companies as a more cost-effective marketing and branding alternative than other avenues. In a more challenging economic climate, businesses have fount that they must derive maximum benefit from their marketing budgets, and therefore need to become more creative in their marketing campaigns. Corporate and promotional gifts serve a great purpose for any business, but in order to implement them effectively, we need a clear understanding of the differences between them. Let us take a look at each one, and how it can be used to support your marketing and branding endeavours.


The Purpose of Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts used to be the go-to solution for larger and more successful companies. In recent years, the idea has filtered down to smaller businesses, where it has proven to be no less effective. South African companies in general have realised the importance of nurturing certain professional relationships that are incredibly valuable to their businesses, whether these are clients, employees, or other business associates, such as suppliers and distributors. An important way in which these relationships can be strengthened is through the gifting of corporate gifts. These gifts’ aim is to convey appreciation and thanks from the company to the recipients, and in that way, improve the company’s image.

Corporate gifts can also be turned into promotional gifts, but the target market varies greatly compared to promotional items. When corporate gifts include branding to encourage company awareness, the individuals who are likely to come into contact with it will be as important to the company as the recipients who receive promotional gifts and it is because of this that corporate gifts need to have value attached to them, and be manufactured from high-quality materials. A cheap corporate gift will not only be ineffective, but can actually cause damage to the brand rather than do it any good.


The Purpose of Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts have the ability to reach a much wider audience. These gifts are targeted towards consumers and customers, with the purpose of increasing brand awareness, while also promoting customer loyalty. Many businesses give promotional items to simply make consumers more aware of what their companies are all about, in an effort to increase their customer base. Other businesses use promotional gifts as a way to market specific products or product ranges. Promotional gifts also offer the potential to act as ongoing ads, which makes choosing the right item itself an important choice.

Typically, promotional gifts are bought in bulk, and can be basically anything, such as pens, T-shirts, caps, bags, and coffee cups. Buying in bulk offers economies of scale and increased savings. It is important to ensure that your promotional gifts are practical, and add tangible value to its recipient’s life. The more promotional items are exposed to different people, the greater their impact, and the better the returns on investment. As is plainly evident from the above, promotional items and corporate gifts serve two different purposes, both offering equal value. If you are considering utilising either of these marketing tools, partner with a company that understands the differences, and that knows how to harness each’s marketing power to maximum capacity.

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