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Dressed for Success

Clothing must be one of the hardest industries to be in. Everyone wants their own unique flare when opening their dressers and picking out an outfit for the working day, not to mention special occasions and nights out on town. Although men might seem like simple creatures, they also take pride in what they wear, even though it takes just five minutes to decide. This is why women are considered the fairer gender!

Let’s move the focus to corporate clothing. Here, we find a more general direction being applied, with the focus on specific target groups, which might also be generalised with simple items like caps and regular shirts. Taking into consideration that big athletic brands will always have their own unique set of corporate clothing – ranging from shoes to cufflinks – we might learn a couple of things from these corporate giants.

Knowing Your Market

The first and most important aspect to look at before deciding which products you would choose for branded corporate clothing, is your market. For example, if you are a multimedia store that focusses on selling video games, your market would lie with the gamers. Gamers are very interesting people with unique and strong ideas and tastes in style.

Although you will find them at cosplay conventions, wearing all kinds of different costumes to imitate their favourite heroes, most of them are ordinary full-time employees with steady jobs where they need to look professional and presentable. If you find that your target market is somewhat complicated with regards to their choice in clothing, use this to your advantage.

Delivering a unique product is something that will only work in your favour. Referring back to the gamers, you will want to present them with a shirt that features your brand on it, coupled with a very popular video game or character. To make things even more unique, you can hire a graphic designer to deliver their own take on a certain video game character, thus making your corporate clothing product even more appealing. Knowing your market is half the battle in a successful corporate clothing campaign.

Delivering a Quality Product

Now that you know what you want to put on your branded corporate clothing products, you need to find the right product for your market – one that will fit your brand, and your target market’s taste, and is also long-lasting. This is where things get interesting.

You must ensure that your product will be desired by your target market. Choosing to do a plain white shirt with your brand’s logo on it, however, is nothing special or unique. People will wear the shirts for a while, with them ending up hanging in their closets. So, how do we rectify that? By delivering something they really want to wear.

Referring to the athletic brands, you will see most athletes wearing shirts and caps with these brands on them. Although these companies probably endorse these athletes, they have no problem wearing the gear. The reason behind this, first of all, is that it fits the athlete’s style and taste regarding corporate clothing. You would never give a gamer a Red Bull crash helmet to wear in his next eSports event, but they will certainly wear branded shirts with their team name and sponsors on it, because it fits their style and taste in clothing.

Taking both of these valuable aspects into consideration, you are now able to deliver a quality product that appeals to your target market, with your brand on it, and your own unique style added to it. The only thing left is to find the right supplier to buy your products from. This supplier would need to have a wide range of products for you to choose from, and Brand Unlimited is that supplier.

With Brand Unlimited, you will have access to a big catalogue of corporate clothing products – available on our website for you to browse through – and other brand activation services as well. We can build your brand with you and deliver the perfect products that will impress your market and drive your brand to new heights! Choose Brand Unlimited today, and we will show you the way to a successful brand.