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A Corporate Clothing Supplier That Can Embed Your Brand in the Mind of Consumers

Before the 21st century, the corporate game was fairly uncomplicated: you simply created a logo, rented a space, hired a few employees, and invested in some advertising. Today, things are a lot different. In an age of flooded markets, inflated advertising costs, diminishing profits, and the emergence of e-commerce, business is a lot more competitive.

These days, it makes no difference whether your products or services are amazing or the best, because there are 20 other businesses out there who think the very same thing about their products and services. The business landscape has evolved, not only is it about who shouts the loudest but if you want to be recognised in an overcrowded marketplace, you have to play all your cards to get a winning deck.

As one of the leading brand activation agencies in Gauteng, as well as a leading corporate clothing supplier, we know what it takes to get your brand out on the streets, and it is not with below-the-line or above-the-line advertising – it is about hidden persuasion. While experiential marketing is one thing, subliminal marketing is another, and we just happen to be the masters of both. So, let’s talk about how corporate clothing whispers to the brain.

While it is no secret that conscious and unconscious brand exposure affects consumer preferences, there are many small, medium and even large businesses in South Africa that are only now realising the power of branded corporate clothing. As one of the most proven and successful marketing strategies today, branded corporate clothing offers a wide range of internal and external benefits that cannot be compared to any other form of marketing.

The Internal Benefits

While corporate clothing creates uniformity amongst employees, it also boosts employee and client confidence, eliminates discrimination among employees, fosters discipline, as well as motivates employees. Branded corporate clothing also makes employees feel important and part of the team, which in turn achieves a professional image and impression.

The External Benefits

The true value of branded corporate clothing, however, lies in its logo and marketing reach. A true marketing tool, the power of branded corporate clothing is often an overlooked strategy when it comes to subtle logo placement and cohesive design.

Branded Corporate Clothing is a Powerful Marketing Tactic

When you dress your employees in branded corporate clothing, you are guaranteed repeat exposure that lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, which is by far much cheaper than any other form of advertising. Think about logo recognisability? When your employees are dressed in your branded clothing, it is like a mobile advertisement that gets exposed to hundreds of consumers day in and day out.

From the moment your employees leave their front door in the morning, to the minute they get home at night, your employees are advertising your brand. Each morning on the train or the bus, the same people are consciously and subconsciously exposed to your brand. When your employees walk through town or go out for lunch, your brand is exposed. When your employees go to the gym or mall during lunch or after work, your brand is exposed, for FREE. After a while, consumers start to associate your logo with your product or service, whether they realise it or not. Just like SEO gets your website to the top of Google, branded corporate clothing seen on a daily basis gets embedded in the minds of consumers, which makes you their first choice.

About BrandUnlimited

Established in 2009, BrandUnlimited is not only a leading corporate clothing supplier of top brands such as Biz Collection, Cutter & Buck, Elevate, Gary Player, Slazenger, and US Basic, but we also find creative solutions to embed your brand in the minds of everyday people. Leading the way in brand activations, promotional campaigns, and experiential and field marketing, we are renowned for our design, creativity, reliability, quick turn-around times, logistics, and well as our innovative prize-winning brand campaigns that connect people to brands.

In today’s volatile world of old-school marketing, we know how easy it is for a brand to drown in a pool of competitors. At BrandUnlimited, not only do we know how to make a big splash, but we can get your brand noticed, recognised and remembered with the right branded corporate clothing.