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Corporate Gifting Ideas

Branded gifts are an effective way to lure in visitors to your event or booth and give them something to remember your company. In addition, if the branded gifts are well chosen, you can be sure that the receivers will tell and show others what they have received.

If you have not yet considered branded gifts as a way to promote, market and reinforce your brand image, then now is a good time to start. Give people something of value and they will remember your brand for months and even years after the event. Indeed, they will also remember the event.

Below are a few ideas on how to make a lasting impression with branded gifts. Of course, the next step is to choose a company that can provide such gifts and handle the branding, leaving you with enough time to plan your exhibition or complete event.

Wear the Brand

Garments are practical and memorable. The garments are cost-effective in the sense that you can order several pieces and have such custom branded, making them ideal to use such for golf or fundraising events. Photos of the day will strengthen the brand memory and, if the gifts are branded professionally, the attendees might very well decide to wear the items afterwards, giving your brand even more exposure.

When it comes to branded apparel, T-shirts are always popular. They are practical and have sufficient space for branding messages. Hoodies may be more expensive to produce, but are perfect as gifts for the cooler months. Polo shirts are perfect for golf events, while caps are great for fundraisers, product launches, sporting events, and even real estate shows. Vests can be used in a similar way to T-shirts, but are more suited for the warmer months and relevant sporting events. Toto bags are ever so popular as branded gifts for corporate events. You cannot get a safer choice, simply because the bags are fashionable and practical in the sense that the receivers have something to carry the many promotional items received.

Food Lovers

True, edibles cannot be kept forever and most probably will not even last the day; most visitors to event booths eat their chocolates, cupcakes and sweets immediately. As such, make sure that the edibles are very tasty! Branding on these gifts helps to make even the snacks provided something to talk about. You can brand with labels on water bottles, custom brand on sweet hampers, and even brand cans of candy.

Corporate Chic

Since people are less inclined to write down messages today, they will appreciate something for the digital world. They most probably use their phones as diaries and use memory sticks as storage devices. Rather go with flash drives if you want to make your gifts relevant to the young and upcoming professionals as opposed to the good old ink-based pens.

Other branded gifts worth considering in this day and age include a sticky note organiser for the corporate professional that likes to keep notes everywhere. Since travelling is such an integral part of the sales person’s life, you can give an alarm clock that includes gadgets such an alarm and calendar. Also, for the corporate user of the modern age, you might want to consider a tablet or smartphone screen cleaner, which of course, must be stylishly branded.

Think smartphone and you are on the right track. Of course, a smartphone is too expensive as a branded gift, but a magnetic phone holder is not, and what about a universal mobile phone stand for the car?

Creative at Heart

Promotional items and gifts are not just for corporate events. Perhaps you host events for artists, musicians, interior designers, or even journalists. For such occasions, you will want to appeal to the creative side of people with branded gifts such as grass pens or coasters with amazing artwork, wacky notepads, or even a set of coloured pencils or markers.

The secret to branding with gifts is to choose relevant items and make sure the branding is done professionally. So, if that is what you seek, our team here at BrandUnlimited are here to help you choose the right items for your events. In addition, we handle the branding of the gifts, leaving you more time to focus on business activities while we make sure your brand’s legacy lives on.