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Working with Brand Activation Companies to Bring Your Brand to Life

We have all been there. After all the hype, you are excited to meet with a hot brand activation agency to hear some fresh ideas for your brand’s activation, but then they come up with the same old ideas you have heard a thousand times before. After all, there are only so many things your company can sponsor, and so many ways to rearrange an event sponsorship proposal. Where is the freshness, the innovation, and the originality you see at your competitors’ events and activations?

Let us take a moment to focus on some fun event marketing and sponsorship activation ideas that will make your brand stand out from the masses, and cut through the noise to deliver a powerful punch. Should you still a stroll down the traditional avenues like logo placement and product giveaways? Absolutely! But it is time to supplement the traditional with the unusual and inventive.


Top Brand Activation Examples

As a brand activation company, we are not immune to FOMO. In fact, we stay up to date with the latest brand activation trends to see what the industry is producing, and we become so inspired by some of the great ideas out there today. So, we thought we would share some of those top examples of brand activations with you, and show you what can be done when you have the right brand activation company at your side.  


VitaminWater Human Carwash

VitaminWater – a US brand – heralded summer with a human carwash at a major music festival. Although this would be tricky in South Africa today, in the wake of the worst drought in decades, it shows how a brand can smartly use its product to improve the lives of its customers in a surprising way. Guests cooled down in the refreshing mist of the human carwash, had a photo of their experience captured by a photographer, and could share the photo on social media, thereby extending the activation’s reach without any further costs for the brand. 


Reebok Classic Ferris Wheel

No matter where you are in the world, nothing marks a festival quite as well as an iconic Ferris wheel in the middle of an open field. Reebok used the opportunity at a major US music festival to provide revellers with some prime viewing spots overlooking the event grounds, from the top of the wheel. Reebok included their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers on the action, dropping clues for a chance to win prizes, and activated their brand across multiple media channels.


Ford Country Video Booth & Truck Display

Ford recently broke the mould by showcasing their latest model of the F-150 Platinum Truck at a major US music festival. Alongside the truck display, attendees donned cowboy hats and other fun props to record their very own personalised country music video clips. It is a great example of how to tailor your brand and its activation to specific audiences and events.


Trust Us with Your Brand’s Activation

As one of the leading brand activation agencies in South Africa today, we deliver strategic, innovative, and creatively executed campaigns that connect people to brands. Your customers will remember your brand through the experience that brings it to life, and we are excited to work with you to help your brand soar. Our brand activation campaigns are measurable and relevant, and we succeed in translating your brand strategy into a well-executed campaign. Let our team come up with practical solutions to make your brand live in the minds and hearts of your customers long after the campaign comes to an end. Our company is renowned for our quick turnaround times and excellent value for money.


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Since 1999, we have focussed on and expanded our branding solutions to provide an answer to our clients’ needs. Aside from the branding of products, we also offer branding support and management, which includes warehousing, maintaining branding assets, set-up, travel, and logistics. Using top creatives in each field right from the outset, we help create corporate identities and campaign collateral, delivering measurable returns on their investment. Contact us to learn why we remain one of the top branding activation companies in South Africa today, and how we can help you set your brand apart from the rest.