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How Brand Activation Drives Consumer Engagement and Awareness

More brands are using activations to build popularity and give consumers an experience that will make them feel a tangible and personal connection to companies. But just what is brand activation? Have you ever asked yourself when you go to buy a popular brand’s product, how this brand became so trustworthy and admired?

When a product is first reaches the market, it is all but completely unknown to the general public. Volvo is a perfect example. When the company first tried to enter the US car market in the early 1960s, Americans knew very little, if anything at all about the Swedish carmaker. Through using consumer-engagement marketing channels, such as experiential events, memorable ad campaigns, consumer-participation strategies and viral growth, Volvo managed to gain the acceptance of the American consumer as being a reliable and tough automobile. After Volvo’s hit “drive it like you hate it” campaign, sales trebled within five years. The process of making a brand well known and loved by consumers is called brand activation.


Consumer Brand Activations Form the Cornerstone of Building Positive Perceptions of Brands

Brand activations can take many forms. They can be achieved through product samplings, sponsorships, in-store retail marketing, and experiential events. These also entail the brand identifying numerous of its core features that distinguish it amongst its competitors in a very crowded marketplace. A company must find a brand position that will effectively take advantage of long-term benefits to the company. The brand should also find a way to reach potential customers that shifts perceptions and creates a real emotional engagement. These marketing events must evoke positive emotions in consumers in order for them to become loyal customers and purchase the product time and time again. So, what are some of the key principles employed by brand activation agencies?


Key Principles of Brand Activation

There are numerous key principles that complete a successful brand activation strategy. Let’s look at some of the most important ones:

  • It needs to inspire demand for a brand, and the brand needs to tap into consumers’ passions, doing so by using creative ideas and strategies.
  • Timing plays a crucial role in connecting consumers at the right time and place. This helps the consumer become a motivated user and lifelong supporter of the brand.
  • Using activation strategies, such as in-person experiential events, can lead to consumers starting to believe in the brand, and what it stands for. This is a valuable next step in the path to purchase.


Strategies for Implementing Consumer Brand Activation Campaigns

Live experiential marketing events are popular among global brands, as it helps them to position their brands in the consumers’ minds by attracting and emotionally engaging them in a personal experience. These events give people the chance to try a product, ask questions about it, and participate in a way that makes them feel like they are part of the brand. It can be achieved by combining digital and physical experiences. This encourages participants to, for instance, play games and use apps, have their photos taken, or take a ride on a bike simulator or other virtual reality rides. The goal is to reach people on multiple levels, including on a psychological, rational, and emotional level, so people will walk away from the event remembering what it is like to taste, touch, and feel the product, instead of just reading or hearing about it.


Promotional Marketing

This action entails raising awareness of your brand and its products, to generate more sales, but also gain a loyal customer base. Promotional marketing targeting can take many forms. It can be targeted at businesses, at wholesale and retail companies, or at the end consumer. Consumer promotions are executed using reward loyalty programs, special offers, giveaways, and product samplings, as well as point-of-sale displays.


These are only a few examples of popular and effective brand activations. Our brand activation agency has many years of experience bringing brands to life. We have been at the forefront of the branding industry since 1999. Aside from the branding of products, we also offer branding support and management. Contact us to learn more about what we do, and how it can benefit you and your brand. We look forward to working with you.